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Tuesday 1st March

We are half way through our performance showcase. I found it very interesting to watch what other groups have come up with. I feel confident that my performance was a success and am really happy with the outcome.

Final performance

I think our performance went well I think we speed up a lot faster than our rehearsals and I hope it doesn’t affect our overall grade at the end.

We forgot a few bits in our performance due to nerves but it still was able to pull off a really good performance. I am happy with the outcome.

If I was to change anything I would have done a lot more audience participation. I threw popcorn at the audience but I could have changed some parts to include the audience more.


Monday 30th March

Final rehearsing time before our performance tomorrow.

We practiced using objects with the PA system and have sorted where everyone is going to stand.

Using the PA system

Popping corn amplified

My sound maker amplified

Final rehearsal recordings
Full run through

First run through

Second run through

last run through

Audience participation

-we decided not to make people move around during our performance because it’s going to distract others and make unwanted noise during our
– I am unable to move around with my object but when I tip out I’m going to aim it more at the audience.
– Ellie needs to move the speaker away right before the last bang .

I’m really nervous about our performance tomorrow. I’m all sorted and know exactly what to do but I’m still nervous about getting in front of people and performing. I have re taped around my noise maker so it’s nice and tight and have sorted each part in our performance into little cups so I don’t have to worry about what to do.

Last few practices with the PA system before our final performance tomorrow

Tuesday 25th March

Phil Dadson came and preformed for us with two other members.

I found this very inspiring how easy the instruments were but how strange the sound was. I found the wet rocks particularly interesting because of the weird almost water droplet sound he was making just by hitting two stones together.

I really liked how there wasn’t really any structure to the performance and no one tried to over power anyone. A lot of the time they would close their eyes and just play with there instruments and just blended so well with eachother.

Phil Dadson really interested me in how he made the music talk to him. He wasn’t playing an noise maker but he was making it play for him. It shows how interested he is in making sound and how everyone doesn’t really look at the the most simplest items

IND study
Work on your confidence to allow space when necessary and on the dynamic control of shifts in volume and intensity.

As a group we discussed what parts in our performance we would consider amplifying. My noise maker is a little quieter than the rest of the group so for most of the performance my sound maker will be amplified.

Our group is feeling quite confident at the moment and believe after a few more hours out of class we will have our performance sorted.

I have made a A1 poster of our sound sheet so the audience can follow our sounds. I will stick this up on the back wall when we preform.

We want to shock or give our audience a fright so we have a loud screech at the end in the PA system

Loud screech at the end

Tuesday 18th March

All today was spent composing and rehearsing.

We were able to write and record the first minute

0-35 seconds

First line is a rough copy of first 30 seconds

30-50 seconds

50-120 seconds

Writing down the different sounds so we can experiment together and add them to our performance.


We have changed these parts a little

Our rough copy of or performance


Monday 17th March

Drawing sounds

This is what I believe my sound maker sounds like.

Group work

Brainstorming what we think our sound makes sound like

Drawing our sounds

Planning my noise poster

Show the noises produced and the actions used to create it in the style of Dada poetry.

I like the number 1 idea the best. I think it links visually appealing and really shows my sound well.

I think my noise maker makes a ‘shhhhhhhk’ sound when the items a falling down the tube and a ‘ting, ting, bing, tong, boop’ sort of sound when the items hit the bottem

My final A1 poster

I think that my poster is quite simple but also very effective

Tuesday 11th March

In class we recorded our sound makers and tried different ways that we could play them together.

My recording of my sound maker

Recording all our sound makers together


What is Onomatopoeia?

The use of words that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or the actions they refer to.
-eg. Bang, Crash.



How does it relate to Dada poetry?

Dada poetry involves the interpretation of sound in an onomatopoeic formate and is displayed in a way that visually translates the sound.

What is the sound of your noise maker?

I think my sound maker makes a ‘ting ting ting’ kind of noise.

IND study

Make a A1 poster that employs related precedents in layout, font, scale and the composition of dynamic letterforms.