Monday 30th March

Final rehearsing time before our performance tomorrow.

We practiced using objects with the PA system and have sorted where everyone is going to stand.

Using the PA system

Popping corn amplified

My sound maker amplified

Final rehearsal recordings
Full run through

First run through

Second run through

last run through

Audience participation

-we decided not to make people move around during our performance because it’s going to distract others and make unwanted noise during our
– I am unable to move around with my object but when I tip out I’m going to aim it more at the audience.
– Ellie needs to move the speaker away right before the last bang .

I’m really nervous about our performance tomorrow. I’m all sorted and know exactly what to do but I’m still nervous about getting in front of people and performing. I have re taped around my noise maker so it’s nice and tight and have sorted each part in our performance into little cups so I don’t have to worry about what to do.

Last few practices with the PA system before our final performance tomorrow


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