Tuesday 25th March

Phil Dadson came and preformed for us with two other members.

I found this very inspiring how easy the instruments were but how strange the sound was. I found the wet rocks particularly interesting because of the weird almost water droplet sound he was making just by hitting two stones together.

I really liked how there wasn’t really any structure to the performance and no one tried to over power anyone. A lot of the time they would close their eyes and just play with there instruments and just blended so well with eachother.

Phil Dadson really interested me in how he made the music talk to him. He wasn’t playing an noise maker but he was making it play for him. It shows how interested he is in making sound and how everyone doesn’t really look at the the most simplest items

IND study
Work on your confidence to allow space when necessary and on the dynamic control of shifts in volume and intensity.

As a group we discussed what parts in our performance we would consider amplifying. My noise maker is a little quieter than the rest of the group so for most of the performance my sound maker will be amplified.

Our group is feeling quite confident at the moment and believe after a few more hours out of class we will have our performance sorted.

I have made a A1 poster of our sound sheet so the audience can follow our sounds. I will stick this up on the back wall when we preform.

We want to shock or give our audience a fright so we have a loud screech at the end in the PA system

Loud screech at the end


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