Monday 10th March

I have made several tubes out of paper all different lengths and taped together at the top.


This is going to be a small tunnel for the popcorn to slide down into each container all at once making all different noises at once.

Different things I tipped down the tubes
-Metal pieces
-Can tabs
-Cut up beer cans (into small squares)

I found all these items very different and appealing so I’m going to use them all in my performance

My Final Noise Maker

My final noise maker is made up of:

7 different types of containers
-Glass vase
-Big plastic lift bottle
-Tall plastic tube
-Very small v tin can
-Medium coca-cola tin can
-Small plastic sprite bottle
-Glass jar

7 paper tubes that go inside the containers.

And 5 different cups
-2 cups full of can tabs metal pieces and a few marbles
-2 cups full of popcorn
-1 cup full of marbles

These cups will be tipped into my noise maker and also chucked out in various parts of our performance

I also have a double bed sheet that i will chuck the stuff onto so it’s easier to clean up after the performance.

Photographs of my final noise maker






Video of my sound maker working


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