Tuesday 4th March

I carried on to manipulate my object and continued to expand my noise maker.

Experimental Ideas

Water and Sand
Today I experimented a lot with water and sand to see if I could manipulate my sound maker. I found water completely took away my sound and sand also muted my sound a lot.

I will not be considering water or sand in my final sound maker.

Musical shakers
I also experimented by taping two different containers together with sound items inside and shaking them. I found that the noise was very plain and uninteresting.

The glass and can were the most interesting noise out of the ones I made.

Tin and Can

I decided to try out another item to drop into the containers. The sound was very strange and I may consider using this in my final noise maker

Long tubed
I also tried to make really super long tubes to see if it would make the sound louder or more interesting but it was just the same as the little tubes

I found that taping my containers together made it easier to tip things into them.


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