Monday 3rd March


Sound artists we looked at in class
– I found these artists very interesting

Luigi Russolo

Phil Dadson -dadsonics

Phil Dadson really interested me because of how weird and strange his sounds were. I had only really thought about really normal bang and crash types of sounds and this really made me think about how I can change my objects to make a really crazy and different sound.

Rebecca horn

Judy dunaway – sound with balloons


How the voice can be used as an instrument

How could we incorporate our voices into our performance

-Blowing into the different tubes
-Blowing paper


Bang, scrape , blow objects with various tools.

-This video shows a range of different noises that the different types of objects make when dropped into the containers.

I tried banging, dropping and throwing the different containers to see what noise they would make but I found dropping different items into the containers made the best noise.

How might they be changed to enhance or add noise?

-Dropping the items from a higher point
-Throwing it with force into the collection of containers
-Dropping it all at once into all the containers
-Tip things out of the containers
-Shake containers


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