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Tuesday 25th February

Three objects each that relate to ourselves.

Three objects each that relate to ourselves.

Refine your objects

  • Art book
  • Tin can
  • Round cylinder
  • What sounds do these objects makeĀ 

      Dropping different objects into a range of different cylinders and getting a range of sounds

      Different cylinders could be:
      -Glass jars
      -Plastic bottles

      Big or small

      We studied John Cage 4 min 33 in class

      This performance piece focused on the diegetic sounds generated by the audience.Cages composition is not the focus of the performance but used as a tool to get the audience to tune into sounds they would otherwise ignore.

      E.g. Stray cough or scuffing of feet.

      “Wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbed us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating”
      John Cage. “The future of music”

      I didn’t really understand what John cage was trying to show at first until I did a little bit or research about why he did this. I then started to understand more about the idea of this piece and why he did it.

      study work

      What is Musique Concrete?

      Name and write about 3 Visual artists who work with sound.



    Monday 24th February

    Art Lab class

    Mihimihi: Make some noise

    We went out outside to a random place and sat down for 10minutes and listened to all the sounds this is what we heard

    Aeroplane hovering in the distance
    People talking
    Car engines
    Squeal of car wheels
    Skateboard across the gravel
    Trees rustling

    Pick random items that can make sound out of

    A Hardcover book


    Sound functions
    -Ripping pages
    -Slamming it shut
    -flicking through pages

    My relation to this object: My old drawing book

    Tin Cans


    Sound functions
    -Throwing it on a wall
    -Dropping it
    -Rolling it on the ground
    -Dropping things into it

    My relationship to this object: I like spaghetti

    Plastic cylinder

    Sound functions
    -Bending it
    -Crushing it
    -Dropping items into it

    My relationship to this object: I found it
    I used this object in my final noise maker
    Wine bottle


    Sound functions
    -Smashing it
    -Putting things inside it and shaking it
    -Banging two together

    My relationship to this object: I like to drink wine

    Ping Pong Balls


    Sound functions
    -Hitting them on objects
    -Dropping loads at once

    My relationship to this object: I like to play ping pong